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Software Development

We're here to help you develop the industry standard system your business needs.

Each project is approached with the same professional care ensuring the highest levels of project management and intelligent functionality. We can take an idea and come up with a fully functioning system or we can work on existing systems to improve their functionality, usability and reliability.

We are also capable of being a dependable outsourcing partner for development agencies and IT departments. We're happy to discuss your requirements at length and help you find the most suitable, scalable and affordable solution for your business needs.

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Website Design

We believe that a good website design can draw the line between success and failure. Our company consists of the best of both; highly experienced designers and developers.

We make use of many web languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript that help bring your website to life. We ensure that each website that we work on is feature rich, built to world-class standards and we also make sure that your website is everything you want it to be. This includes an initial period of analysis gaining a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

Our process is designed to ensure your website accurately matches your business objectives. As a standard, websites are designed to be mobile accessible. This is achieved by making use of latest and greatest responsive and adaptive web design approaches meaning that no matter which device your visitor is using, the website will always look great. We do not hesitate to go an extra mile to make your website stand out from the crowd.

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Always by your side

RapidTechSolutions doesn't leave you on your own. Our support and maintenance packages provide you with highly qualified developers and webmasters available whenever you need them.

Mobile Applications

We're here to help your business by developing the mobile applications that it needs in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Our team of experts (design, marketing, experience, technical) can offer you with the experience and guidance to make your app a success by making use of the latest and greatest mobile application technologies. design, user experience, marketing, and technical teams are here to make your app a success. Applications can be developed to address any specific business process.

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Server Management

We believe that you should not have to deal with the regular headaches that come with managing servers. This is why we encourage businesses to focus on the core of their business while we take over managing the servers and leave you with nothing to worry about when it comes to server management.

RapidTechSolutions provides server management solutions with 24/7 access to our expert team. With tons of experience, we can remotely handle all of your server's technical issues such as server optimization, server hardening, security and monitoring. We can perform one-off jobs as required or such as the initial setup and configuration of servers, or alternatively we offer various monthly based ongoing management services where we routinely monitor your server for performance and security along with installation of applicable software updates as they are released, therefore leaving all of the behind-the-scenes technical work to our expert server management staff. We are capable of being a dependable outsourcing partner for various IT departments.

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Priority #1 - Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. This is the reason we make sure that our team meets all of our extremely demanding quality standards before they are allowed to handle any issues.RapidTechSolutions also ensures error free and prompt support through our High profile quality assurance team. You can always expect an expert call from us.

Web Hosting

Our brand RapidTechHosting is a world-wide and premier provider of shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated and game server web hosting services.

RapidTechHosting is able to provide its customers with innovative products and services that are matched to fit your needs. We provide scalable, secure, compliant and rapid hosting solutions. We also feel that you should receive the support you deserve.

At RTH, we have unlimited love for everyone! Reasons why clients over the world choose RTH as their web hosting provider include: worldwide locations, reasonable pricing, hassle free experience, good uptime, dedicated support available 24x7x365 and of course, the unbeatable customer freebies!

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