Hi, We're Rapid Tech Solutions

An innovative company with a team of like-minded folks who develop beautiful tech

Our company background

Rapid Tech Solutions (RTS) was established in late 2011. Since then, we have experienced rapid growth, doubling in size each year. While still a small company, we are by no means short of capability. We provide a range of professional online services including Web Design, Software Development, Graphics Design, Web Hosting, Server Management & more throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

Our approach is different from most firms out there. We believe that our successful products and services allow businesses to achieve measurable, meaningful business goals. It is our mission to understand your goals and objectives by listening to you and getting to know your business. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support and extremely high standards of quality in all our products. We're also worldwide; we can help any business in the world.

Product Innovation

As a product innovator, RTS is able to provide its customers with various different innovative products and services designed to complement their businesses. Our services include; Website Design, Software Development & more.


We recruit only the best people that are skilled in a wide range of technologies from tried-and-tested to the cutting edge, so what we build for you is meticulously crafted and engineered to produce optimum results.

Solutions For Everyone

Our solutions are for everyone whether you are a freelancer, sole trader, a small or medium sized business, or even a large organization. We are local to you whether you are based in our local area, nationwide or even worldwide.

Why not join the growing team?

We're always looking for tech savy, intelligent individuals to join our team.


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